Soft beige walls with double large windows with white trim in room with large wood bed with soft cream linens and side table with small lamp
Queen four poster bed with off white bedding including bedskirt. Taupe walls, small mirror over bed and two oval antique prints with frames flanking the bed.
Side view of a beige-decorated bedroom with a wooden poster bed, three tall windows, & two bedstands
Queen Four Poster Bed with leather sofette in front of bed and small coffee table. Lace Clad Windows, Red Rug.
Sitting area with upholstered leather bench, small coffee table
Tray with brown ceramic teapot, chrome electric kettle, teacups decorated with flowers, clear drinking glasses, silverware all on top of small fridge
bedroom with black flowered needle point rug, marble fireplace with oval mirror above and chandelier
Large Back Bedroom Beige Walls, Iron and Brass Queen Bed, Rug, antique dresser, mirror behind bed. Lamp and painting
small bedroom with twin bed. White linens on bed Prints on walls.
Dining Table with Table Cloth and 4 antique oak chairs. six prints of dogs on the wall. Book Shelf with books and small objects.
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