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Additional Information

1871 House: Infrastructure

To our guests we offer the following notice to provide full transparency, manage expectations and create the best possible understanding of what one should expect when booking a stay at 1871 House. Along with country inn coziness, old world ambience and character come sloping and squeaky floors and irregular plaster walls. An older internal infrastructure "systems" design, though embedded with new components, translates to occasional banging or hissing steam radiators. It can also mean occasional changes in water pressure and temperature and in extreme cases you may have to wait a few minutes for your shower. Potential guests should remember 1871 House acquired its name from the year it was built and though our furnace and water heater are new and all of the buildings wiring and plumbing has been redone the constraints of an older shell will create a different experience than a 60th floor room in a modern steel and glass tower.

1871 House: Service Model

Through experience and informal research it has been found the majority of people who stay in small inns & guest houses/hotels/B&Bs as well as those who have stayed at 1871 House in particular enjoy their privacy and independence. Unique small accommodation facility features considered quaint by some tourists may be unsettling for others and many business travelers. We do not set out cookies and daily flowers in the rooms. The older model of having teas and dining with the hosts has been pointed out in publications to be less appealing to today's business and leisure traveler. To that end, the staff do everything they can to respect guests' privacy. Guests are never forced to interact with other guests nor to sit down with the innkeepers and look at old family photos! It is in fact entirely possible for guests to go through their entire stay without ever seeing any other guests.

We however make every effort to be as accommodating as is possible to guests. As a small facility we do not have a formal concierge desk but do offer various services of this variety to our guests. The model 1871 House follows clearly has elements of self-service but we have three assistant managers and two housekeepers enabling staff to be available every day until 3  p.m.  These hours of availability are a minimum; staff are often available after these times and someone is always available for urgent matters or emergencies. Generally we follow a "request and provide" service policy meaning that the guest should let us know of an issue or request. Should you need assistance or have questions or comments during your stay, our excellent house managers, are readily available during office hours (9-3 p.m. Mon-Sunday) and are there to offer their assistance! We have also put together a small library of books and travel guides which are available to be borrowed by guests are are located in the secretary in our central lobby area. 

1871 House: Upkeep, Maintenance, Safety and Quality Control

For those of you who are unfamiliar with New York City Fire and Building Codes, they are stringent and taken seriously by local authorities. Operators of multi room or apartment facilities in New York City must pass a variety of inspections and are monitored on a random ad hoc basis whether it be from the Building Code Enforcement Officers, Fire Marshalls, Housing Authority, Health Department or any of the other City Agencies that a multi unit building must comply with. Our garbage can be inspected at any time to be sure of proper recycling procedures, our sprinkler system tested for pressure, our emergency exits reviewed for lack of obstructions, heating system checked and our water tested for proper high temperature (yes, they actually pull out a thermometer to see if the water is hot enough). Inspection results are noted and displayed in our outer lobby area. We are subject to heavy fines and unable to operate until we pass required levels of compliance.