A Day That Will Live in Frenemy!

  • Gossip Girl

I’ll always remember where I was when I learned the identity of Gossip Girl – here in the offices of 1871 House on the Upper East Side, curled up with a bag of popcorn and my memories of the last 6 seasons... What! It was work-related!!

In fact, 1871 House is steps away from real filming locations used in the popular television show -- and I was only watching the finale in order to better serve our guests with an interest in… local culture… So if the prospect of living without your weekly Lonely Boy update is too much to bear, take refuge at 1871 House! Located in the Upper East Side Historic District, we’re nestled in the thick of Gossip Girl landmarks. Grab some Sant Ambroeus Coffee on 61st off Park Avenue, don your cutest walking flats, and head over to the steps of the Met relive your best memories.

“Exx-Oh, Exx-Oh…!”