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Favorite East Side Coffee Bars & Cafes

Welcome to the first of many 1871House blogs. We hope to make this a regular occurrence on our website and we hope that you’ll continue to stop by for a little slice of life on the Upper East Side. Our aim is provide you with pieces to inform, entertain, and inspire you with the inside scoop on life in New York City.

When guests at our New York Best and Breakfast find themeselves in need of a great cup of coffee we've got a few favorite neighborhood spots to recommend.

Who doesn't love Starbucks Coffee??? We must confess to our frequent runs to our local Starbucks a block away.  However, for this first article we’d like to share with you some of our favorite NYC cafes and coffee bars located near 1871 House. Each one is as unique as it is delicious! 

~Birch Coffee,
Birch is right across Lexington Avenue and freshly opened. Here's a blurb from them on their mission and philosophy: "Giving back to and servicing the community is the foundation of Birch’s philosophy. We care for people first and coffee is a very close second. Birch Coffee is dedicated to not being just another local coffee shop, rather the ultimate coffee shop – a coffee community."

~Little Collins Café
Little Collins is named after a bustling street in Melbourne, Australia, and pays homage to that city in many of its design features. The cafe is partnered with Counter Culture Coffee and also holds the distinction of being the first cafe in New York to unveil the ModBar, a sleek new piece of coffee brewing hardware.

~Via Quadronno
Via Quadronno is a tiny Upper East Side cafe and one of our favorite places in all of Manhattan. I HIGHLY recommend Via Quadronno ... a tiny cafe which is absolutely ADORABLE! Their croissants are out of this world as is their cappuccino! In fact, it’s been voted the “Best in New York” several years in a row. Though we have mainly visited Via Quadronno for breakfast, we hear their dinners are amazing, as well. I honestly can’t say enough about this place! Go, to this restaurant – for the charming atmosphere, amazing food, friendly service!has been in New York for over fifteen years and their paninis, in particular, are legendary. The always-crowded spot serves wine, pasta, and some other Italian fare in addition to cappuccinos and other coffee drinks. 25 E 73 Street

~Sant Ambroeus Coffee bar
With two locations very close to 1871 House, Sant Ambroeus is never far away! The Madison Avenue location has been a staple of Upper East Siders for several decades and now we are so fortunate to have a Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar just one block away! The espresso and cappuccino bar remain an institution with their addictive Italian croissants, famous gelato, as well as its cakes and cookies baked on site. The cappuccino is insanely delicious as are the paninis.  Afternoon and evening hours at the Madison Avenue location also offer a menu of delectable cocktails, wine, and a full dinner selection. If you're coming for the espresso bar side of things, check out the beloved desserts, pastries and croissants, including Sant Ambroeus’ signature chocolate mousse cake and Millesfoglie, a traditional layered puff pastry with vanilla Chantilly cream. Guests can also enjoy a selection of the brand’s celebrated savory Paninetti, soft home-baked rolls with a delicate crust perfumed with olive oil, and Le Foccaccine, a flaky and slightly salted interpretation of Focaccia. Sant Ambroeus intends to speak to the Northern Italian aesthetic and it never disappoints. If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, watch Queen B and her minons sip their Sant Ambroeus Coffee on the steps of the Met! Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar @ 540 Park Avenue & Sant Ambroeus Madison Avenue: 1000 Madison Avenue 

Joe Coffee 
Everyone knows Joe for their exceptional lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso — they serve undoubtedly some of the best you’ll find in New York City. This Lexington Ave outpost of local mini-chain Joe is one of the roaster's most beautiful shops.

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